Meet the Team

Verne Walker

Verne Walker, MBA, BSN, RN, LP

Executive Director

Verne is an accomplished Health Care Service Delivery Leader, Critical Care Nurse, and Licensed Paramedic with more than a decade of recent experience as an Executive Leader here at Texas EMS. Verne began as a paramedic in Hood County in 1994, remaining at least part time. With experience gained as a Nurse Manager and Supervisor at Cook Children's Health Care System and Methodist Health System respectively, he returned full time in 2007 as the Executive Director and has thrust Texas EMS as a premier EMS service in North Texas. Verne continues to strive for excellence and is currently slated to earn his Doctorate of Nursing (DNP), Executive Leadership in 2018.


Scott J. Jones, MD, FACEP

Medical Director

Dr. Jones is a graduate of Stanford Medical School and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at University of California at San Diego, where he flew for Life Flight San Diego.  Dr. Jones continued his work in the EMS as co-founder and President of Golden Hour Data Systems, creating patented software which is still an industry standard.  He is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and has been the Medical Director for Texas EMS in Hood County, Texas since 2009.

George Grim

George Grim, EMT-P

Operations Manager

George started his career in EMS at Euless FD in 2004, being promoted to FTO (Field Training Officer) in 2006 where he continues to work. George started at Texas EMS in 2008 and has taken up many roles as the need arose from putting together a training program and doing education for a year, to working full time as supervisor for a year and a half, before going back into education. At the end of 2014, George started to take over from Cliff Montemayor as our Operations Manager as he is today. George has earned many awards through his job in Euless having received the EMS Provider of the Year, Medical Director Award from Dr. Yamanda, and the Life Saving Award for assisting in the rescue of 4 people from a 2nd floor balcony of a building on fire. While George has not received any awards here at Texas EMS, he has always been quick to take up whatever role needed to help us flourish, which shows in the position he holds today.


Jodi Fries, EMT-P

Clinical Coordinator

Jodi started in EMS in 2000, having begun her career in West Texas with Dawson and Cochran counties. In 2004 she joined Texas EMS, or at the time Granbury Hood County EMS, as an EMT before obtaining her paramedic in 2006. Jodi has since worked her way up from an FTO position in 2008, to Supervisor/Captain in 2012, and to Clinical Coordinator in 2017. Jodi earned the 2009 EMT/EMS of the Year for Outstanding Service to the Community, State, and Nation as an EMT by the American Legion, receiving her award in Austin on January 2010. Jodi continues to serve her community beyond her work here at Texas EMS by volunteering at the DCBE/Acton Volunteer Fire Dept and part of the Critical Incident Stress Management team, both since 2012.

Bryan Wooten

Bryan Wooten, EMT-B

C-Shift Captain

Bryan originally started working in public service for the DCBE/Acton VFD (De Cordoba Bend Estates Volunteeer Fire Department) in 2005 as a volunteer fire fighter. Bryan became a Lieutenant at DCBE/Acton VFD in 2015 and is now the Assistant Chief there. Bryan joined Texas EMS in 2016 as an EMT and was promoted to Captain at the start of 2017. He has received Rookie of the Year (2007), Firefighter of the Year (2014 & 2016), Fire Officer of the Year (2015) at DCBE/Acton VFD and Secondary of the Year (2016) here at Texas EMS.

Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan, EMT-P

B-Shift Captain

Michael brings a total of 11 years experience in EMS with 4 of those years at MedStar in Fort Worth to Texas EMS. During his time at MedStar, he earned the Executive Director award in 2004 for putting himself back on duty after he was cleared to go home to respond to a pediatric drowning, saving a young girls life. Michael also volunteered as the EMS Lieutenant at De Cordova Volunteer Fire Dept for 12 years before taking a short sabbatical to obtain his Paramedic and has since returned. Michael is registered both nationally and with the state of Texas as a Paramedic and has been with Texas EMS since 2011.


Patrick Cobb - LP

A-Shift Captain

Biography coming soon.

Special Thanks

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Earlston at Oh Snap! Photography. Click here to check out her facebook page.

Courtesy of Oh Snap! Photography by Jennifer Earlston


Granbury Hood County E.M.S., Inc. was born on April 20, 2002 at 12:01 a.m.

Now having said that, I need to tell you it was a long hard road for Granbury Hood County E.M.S. Inc. to get our first ambulance units on the street. As you may know, Hood County leased the hospital to an organization in the private sector, Community Health Systems, who runs we know as Lake Granbury Medical Center. When CHS started running the hospital in the late mid 1990’s it became apparent that they had little experience with EMS in regards to us being part-of or attached to their facility. The hospital was, however, responsible and willing to provide these services as they went out to find a 3rd party Provider to handle the EMS system. The first company that was contracted by CHS was a ‘Mom and Pop’ EMS service from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They were here for approximately 2 ½ years before they subsequently failed. Next, the hospital contracted temporarily with a large national company (AMR) which had a lot of trouble meeting the special needs and concerns of a small town like Granbury. In the meantime, the Hospital contacted the paramedics that had worked through all of these transitions and expressed interest in them forming a private ambulance company that was more tailored to this community.

This was a monumental task, but there were 8 paramedics that took on this challenge. These paramedics worked tirelessly on their days off to negotiate, coordinate, and work on the mountains of paperwork involved in a project this size, while others were in a multi-tasking nightmare. The pitfalls in the road were high, but having overcome the majority of these, finally, Granbury Hood County E.M.S. Inc. earned their Provider License from the State of Texas on April 20th of 2002 and the newest non-profit EMS provider in north Texas was born!

We had recently celebrated our 4th anniversary and from a ‘shack’ we called home on 377 East, to our like new EMS complex on Commercial Lane in 2006. We have grown to become one of the premier service organizations in North Texas.

In 2007, we changed our public identity to Texas EMS to improve brand recognition and professional appearance under the leadership of Verne Walker and recreated ourselves into what we are today. Slowly but surely we are improving our facilities and equipment to better serve our community.

In 2016, we became a certified training center with the American Health and Safety Institute in order to be able to better help our community with those who require or want to learn with any of our many classes. We also have instructors for most American Heart Association classes.

We are a progressive company that will never quit making our dedication to quality service and our community a forefront to carry us well into the 22nd century. I guess you can tell we don’t plan on going anywhere.

We also have a Membership Program to help our customers defray the out-of-pocket costs that aren’t covered by their insurance policies which you can learn more by clicking the link at the top menu or below. You are always welcome to come by our station and visit, have a cup of coffee, and let the kids look at and explore our ambulances. Stay safe and stay well, but if you need us call 9-1-1.

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