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About Texas EMS

The Birth of Texas EMS

April 20, 2002 at 12:01 a.m.

Prior to April 20, 2002, Hood County emergency transport services were inconsistent at best. Residents and health care providers had to rely on emergency transport services that existed in a constant state of change and flux.

In particular, Lake Granbury Medical Center faced the challenges of local companies folding and national companies unable to adapt to the unique challenges of rural north Texas. With the interest of improving medical care to their patients, the Hospital contacted the paramedics that had worked through all of these transitions. The goal: form a private ambulance company tailored to directly meet the needs of Hood County.

Eight local paramedics took on this challenge spurred on by the vision to ensure their community, neighbors, friends, and family would have the best E.M.S. in their time of need. They used their days off and evenings to take on this monumental task. Finally, they realized their vision as Granbury Hood County E.M.S. Inc., and earned their Provider License from the State of Texas on April 20th of 2002. With that the newest non-profit EMS provider in north Texas was born! 

In 2006 the organization was rebranded as Texas EMS, not to be confused with a county-owned service.

Board of Directors

Texas EMS is governed by a Board of Directors of community leaders from the City of Granbury, GISD, LGMC, Comanche Peak Power Plant, Hood County Fire Marshal’s Office, and several large representatives from the community.



As we entered our 4th year of serving Hood County, we were able to move from the ‘shack’, as we called it, to our ‘like new’ EMS complex on Commercial Lane.


We changed our public identity to Texas EMS to improve brand recognition and professional appearance. Under the leadership of Verne Walker, we recreated ourselves into what we are today. Ricky Reeves took over as Executive Director in 2018.


We became a certified training center with the American Health and Safety Institute in order to be able to better help our community. These courses provide certifications for professionals and citizens needing or wanting certifications or simply the competencies to respond in a time of crisis. We also have instructors for most American Heart Association classes.


Ricky Reeves, Paramedic, replaced Vern Walker as Executive Director. Texas EMS Acquired a second location at 3508 E Clifton Road. 


Texas EMS added fourth full-time ambulance to assist with the increasing 9-1-1 calls in Hood County. 


Board authorized the addition of two 2022 AEV F550 ambulances to enhance the capabilities of Texas EMS with larger patient care areas and the ability to carry additional equipment. 


We are celebrating our 20th year serving Hood County. We have far surpassed the goal of providing stability and consistency in emergency medical transport to our community. We are providing the highest in quality care and excellence in triage and emergency care. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the premier service organizations in North Texas.


Our vision doesn’t stop at Today. We are a progressive company. This means we daily pursue and remain dedicated to quality service and our community. We have not forgotten the needs we forged this business to meet 20 years ago. We remain passionate about providing the best EMS in north Texas to Hood County and its residents.

A great way you can partner with us is through our Membership Program to help residents of Hood County defray the out-of-pocket costs that aren’t covered by their insurance policies. This program also serves to improve training and equipment for the entire community we serve.

Moving forward we remain committed to getting to know our neighbors better every day. We would love to meet you and our door is open. Come by our station, have a cup of coffee, and let the kids (or the kid in you) look at and explore our ambulances.

Stay safe and stay well, but if you need us call 9-1-1.