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Emergency Ambulance Transport Membership

  • Available to Hood County Residents!
    (Due to state regulations, Medicaid recipient are not eligible.)
  • $36 Investment, That is $3/month for Thousands in Savings!

What your membership provides to you and your loved ones:


Health protection for your entire household including loved ones living in long-term care facilities. BONUS: financial protection for you.


A membership means high quality service from a team you trust! Our team is dedicated to delivering competence and professionalism when you need it most!


You will know the right call to make for emergency medical transport without a second thought.
For the nominal investment of $3/month you can save thousands. That’s a HUGE return.


The last thing you need in crisis is uncertainty. With a Texas EMS Membership you receive clear plan and fast response if emergency services are needed.


Ultimately, it’s about insuring safety for you and your loved ones at a time when your safety has been shaken.


What happens if I don’t use the service? First, we celebrate your health and good fortune. Second, you can know that your membership investment is working to improve equipment, training, and services to your friends and neighbors who need emergency assistance, and for when you need it in the future.

That is something we love about Hood County: neighbors taking care of neighbors. It’s why we started after all. 

Add it all up and that is “peace of mind”.

Covering the cost between your insurance and your pocket!

Call (817) 279-1408 now for complete details or download and fill out the form below to apply today!

Become a member today. Have a plan for every tomorrow.

Texas EMS Membership

Any donation goes toward providing the best EMS care for you and your neighbors.