How do I make my home and family safer?

This could be a very long answer.... which is good. There are so many things we all can do to improve safety. A few examples are: learn CPR, get a fire extinguisher and become familiar with the proper techniques for use, Make a fire exit plan for your home (and practice exit drills!), know at least two ways out, have a safe exit from a two story house, have a safe meeting place outside. Learn first aid. There are so many more, .... please contact us for more information.

Where can I find the Texas EMS building?

The Texas EMS Station #1 is located at 2200 Commercial Lane, Granbury, TX 76048. We are across from the old golf ect. building by the airport. Texas EMS station # 2 is located at 3508 E Clifton Road, Granbury, TX 76049. For further questions/information/driving directions please use our contact us page.

Who is in charge of EMS billing in Hood County?

The person in charge of EMS Billing in the Hood County is Ashley Kiesling, Office Manager. You can find out more information about billing here.

What do I have to do to become a Paramedic?

To become a certified/licensed Paramedic generally takes about 2 years of school. Starting off with EMT school and eventually moving to Paramedic school. If you would like more information, feel free to come by our station, we would love to talk to you!

What is the difference between an EMT and a Paramedic?

An EMT is considered the first line in EMS. They are trained to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) such as first aid, oxygen, newborn delivery, some medicines and are skilled in emergency transport. You can spot them by the blue patches they wear on their right shoulder or by their rank on their uniform shirt.

A Paramedic is the highest level certified by the state of Texas. Paramedics can perform Advanced Life Support (ALS) in the field. ALS skills include EKG interpretation, Defibrillation, Intravenous access, life saving drug administration, endotrachael intubation and some minor surgical techniques. You can spot them by the red patch on their right shoulder or by the rank on their uniform shirt.

There is actually a third classification, the EMT-Intermediate. The Intermediate is trained to do many of the same skills a Paramedic can do such as IV therapy, some medications, and breathing tube placement. The Intermediate can be identified by the blue patch with red writing on their right shoulder or again, by the rank on their uniform shirt.

What information should I give the call taker when I call 9-1-1?

What type of emergency do you have, the location of the emergency, .... Try to keep it short, but remember stay on the line until the call taker says you can hang up. Remember, stay calm! If we can't understand you, .... we can't help you.

Why does a fire truck show up when I call 9-1-1 for an ambulance?

There are more fire apparatus than ambulances in Hood County, and they are more strategically placed. Each fire engine is equipped and staffed for Basic Life Support (BLS) emergencies, therefore, dispatching a fire engine ensures a quick response for emergency care. All of the Fire Departments in Hood County are volunteer, and our thanks goes out to the caring individuals that give themselves to help our communities on a daily basis.

What kind of calls do you run?

Texas EMS responds to all Medical Emergencies, Vehicle Accidents, Traumatic Injuries, House Fires, Hospital Transfers and many other incidents in which our services are needed!

A fire truck, ambulance, or police car is approaching with its lights and sirens on .... What should I do?"

When an emergency vehicle approaches you with its lights and sirens on, when it is safe to do so, pull to the right and stop .... even if you are in the left hand lane. If it is not safe to do so, stop where you are and wait for all the emergency vehicles to pass. Don't pull into an intersection if you are at a traffic light or stop sign. Please be courteous, remember the emergency we're responding to may be yours. BE SAFE!

I have seen an ambulance with its lights and siren on go through an intersection
.... then turn its lights off, .... Why?"

This is more than likely because the call was a multiple unit response and another arriving unit radioed back to the others that either their response wasn't necessary or doesn't warrant the dangers of running with lights and sirens.

How many EMS stations are there in Hood County?

Texas EMS has two EMS Stations located within Hood County. The main station is at 2200 Commercial Lane just between the Granbury High School and Lake Granbury Medical Center.  Texas EMS Station 2 is located at 3508 E Clifton Road, Granbury behind Grumps.

Who runs Texas EMS?

Texas EMS is run on a day to day basis by our administrative team which can be located on our staff page and is governed by our board of directors.

Why do you do this job?

The simple answer would be to save lives, but that would not nearly encompass the true depth of our job. A better explanation would be to say that we are here to better the lives of our fellow citizens. To be there in your time of greatest need, and to provide a helping hand, comforting care, and a smile on what may be the worst day of your life. If we can make that day better in any way, whether that be saving the life of a loved one, or giving out a blanket, then we have accomplished our goal.

Have you ever saved someone?

A simple answer would be yes!
But it takes a tremendous amount of training and practice to become confident and proficient in life saving. Saving a life is something that many people never get to experience.  It is a wonderful, fulfilling, and life changing experience for a person who is involved in saving a life or assisting in delivering a new born into the world.

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